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Apple has great advertisements

… why doesn’t anyone else? All the other big players in tech—and in all industries—spend as much or more than Apple on marketing. Why are the ads from essentially all other companies so cringe-inducing, cliché, unoriginal, uninspired, etc?

Here is Apple’s latest ad:

From The Verge:

Apple’s been no stranger to iconic commercials over the years, and its newest holiday ad looks to follow in those footsteps.

Here are other company’s holiday ads:

Everything in this Microsoft ad is wrong: the voices, the horribleness of the things created on the Surface, the lack of rhyming, the implication that a kickstand is better than the utility of a laptop screen, the beginning, the end.

Both these ads are in the style of Apple ads of 2012: white environment, minimalistic design, no people in the frame, the focus on the product, one camera angle and shot. But both these ads feel cheap and insulting.

Cliché? Uninspired? Got you covered: