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The Era of Facebook is an Anomaly

From: The Verge. So much good stuff in here.

“…social media isn’t new. It’s just the latest scapegoat for America’s obsession with overprotection.”

“…we think that everything must be so much worse because of technology. The funny thing is that we’ve had these moral panics for every generation.”

“…the kids who have been fine are still fine. Privileged kids are relatively fine.”

“…this is why I struggle with these tools; they mirror and magnify the good, bad, and ugly.”

“Nothing is more nerve-racking than capitalizing on the fear of adults about their kids. That’s one of the problems; we need to be resisting that culture of fear if we want to actually get anywhere.”

“The weird thing about Facebook and the dynamics of it becoming a utility — which [teens] really despise — is the fact that it becomes this backdrop. It’s not the place of passion.”

“This is this moment where you think about how you present yourself differently in these different contexts, not because you’re hiding, but because you’re putting forward what’s relevant there.”

“The idea of real names being the thing that leads you — that’s not actually what leads us in the physical space. We lead with our bodies. We adjust how we present our bodies by situation. We dress differently, we sit differently, we emote differently. The thing about having everything linked to this universal identifier as though that’s real is just not real.”

“In hindsight, everything looks obvious. One of the reasons why all of this visual stuff (like Snapchat) is coming down the line right now is because people don’t want to be searchable all the time.”

“we have these fictions that we hold on to that are extraordinarily valuable and that make us feel loved and a part of a community, and part of the social dynamic. It falls apart under deep inspection.”

The ending is so good.