Happiness & Success

Both happiness and success remain elusive and nebulous.

And the elusiveness and mystery of them are of great interest to me.

How does a person achieve happiness or success if he/she does not already have it? Why does one person (even one sibling) have happiness and/or success, while another person (even another sibling) does not?

These questions remain… but it is not for lack of answers. Each day we get another book, video, class, tweet that claims to have THE answer. The final answer. No more answers needed. This answer will surely work for you, if you simply pay some money.

Recently, The Atlantic published an article to join the infinite anthology. And the article is worth reading. It is a careful combination of a book review, a story, research, thought-provoking points, and quotes that give you pause.

And the article does not claim to be the answer. (Although the book it reviews does.)



Kelly Slater (I’m a huge fan)

Great article from The New York Times.

I am only mildly interested in Kelly’s line of clothing, but I have been a fan of Kelly Slater since 1996.

I have always been fascinated by people who dominate their arena.Is there something they have in common? Something that causes or contributes to their success? I have been intrigued by:

  • Steve Jobs
  • Michael Jordan
  • Jeremy McGrath
  • Pete Sampras
  • Kelly Slater

Anyways, the article is very good, whether you care about the fashion or not.