What a house should look like

Olson Kundig Architects created a camouflaged concrete house called ‘The Pierre’ in San Juan Islands, Washington.


Again I ask: why can’t more houses look like this? Why can’t something like this be the common style? Why can’t boring or ugly be aberrations?


The Most Amazing House I’ve Ever Seen

Via: Home Designing

It’s called the “Iron Man House”, and apparently it was an inspiration for Tony Stark’s fictitious digs in the films.

It really is the “Razor House” by Wallace E. Cunningham.

It was on the market for $25 million. The DailyMail reports that the mansion has been sold to a ‘mystery buyer’ in the Eastern Coast of United States for USD 14.1M.

A beautifully integrated design; all the sumptuous pieces fit with each other. Concrete and glass and curves and dramatic lighting and texture for warmth. Stunning



house surrounded by blue water

lounge with a sea view

glass walls gorgoues home



spectacular views from the house

gorgeous and humongous home

view of the sea

white spiral staircases

huge underground parking

beautiful white bedroom

gorgeous house on a hill top

a picturesque location

massive house

the exterior

amazing house view