NR2 House by Roberto Burneo

There is so much beautiful design in Central / South America.

Source: Arch Daily

© Sebastián Crespo Camacho
© Sebastián Crespo Camacho
© Sebastián Crespo Camacho
© Sebastián Crespo Camacho
© Sebastián Crespo Camacho

The 50 Best Rooftop Bars in the World

I cross-checked this list with eight others. It hits all the highs (although it ranks Siracco in Bangkok at 21. Most lists put it at 1.)

A very good list. And all on one page (no slideshows!)

(I also liked this list. It’s Croatian.)

1. Coq D’Argent: London, England

coq d'argent london

2. Rooftop Bar, Hotel Raphael: Rome, Italy

Hotel Raphael

3. Skyline, Hilton Molino Stucky: Venice, Italy

Hilton Molino rooftop bar

4. The Top Bar, Adriana Hotel: Hvar, Croatia

Adriana Hotel rooftop

5. 360: Istanbul, Turkey

360 Istanbul

My fav:

Press Lounge at Ink48, NY

Photos of Ink48 - a Kimpton Hotel, New York City

Not my fav:

Siracco Restaurant, Thailand. Get down from there!

Photos of Sirocco Restaurant, Bangkok