Market Capitalization For Some Tech Cos

A few interesting bits:

  • Google is now worth more than Exxon/Mobile. Impressive. Also impressive: Google’s EPS and P/E.
  • Microsoft is close to Exxon in market cap.
  • Facebook is worth more than: Samsung, Verizon, Oracle, Amazon, AT&T, IBM, Intel, etc. That seems crazy to me. Facebook’s P/E is ridiculous, of course.
  • Amazon still doesn’t make money.

March 2015 stocks

I’ve been tracking and discussing these things for awhile. Please check it out:


Apple’s “Spring Forward” Event

A summary of the event:
  • Standalone HBO for AppleTV
  • AppleTV price drop
  • ApplePay being accepted more places
  • CarPlay supported by every major car maker
  • ResearchKit
  • Macbook (Just “Macbook”)
    • 2 pounds. 13.1mm
    • 12″ Retina display. 0.88mm panel
    • 3 colors. Silver, Space Grey, Gold (same as newer iDevices)
    • Force Touch trackpad. Also: pressure sensitive
    • No fan
    • 10 hour battery
    • USB-C port. A single port. Booo! USB, DisplayPort, Power, HDMI, VGA
    • $1,299 up to $1,599
  • Macbook Air and Macbook Pro updated. They get Force Touch, processor speed and Flash speed bumps
  • Apple Watch
    • Does some of the things a phone does… on a much smaller screen, with a much slower processor. It looks beautiful, though.
    • Many price points… between $349 and over $10,000


Design is about intent

Via: Daring Fireball
Source: Rampant Innovation

The whole article is necessary reading.

The opposite of design, then, is the failure to develop and employ intent in making creative decisions. This doesn’t sound hard, but, astonishingly, no other leading tech company makes intentional design choices like Apple. Instead, they all commit at least one of what I term the Three Design Evasions.

I’ve been trying to say this for years. John R. Moran nailed it.