What a house should look like

I love architecture. Art you live in.

Sadly, 95% of all homes are ugly (to me).

Here is one example of a house that stirs my emotions. Even more inspiring is that it is a remodel.

Of course, the decorating is as much of the design as the floorplan. The point is that the details here are so refined.

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” ~ Charles Eames

modern conversion 8 Striking House Make Over in South Africa: Mosi Residence


The Most Amazing House I’ve Ever Seen

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It’s called the “Iron Man House”, and apparently it was an inspiration for Tony Stark’s fictitious digs in the films.

It really is the “Razor House” by Wallace E. Cunningham.

It was on the market for $25 million. The DailyMail reports that the mansion has been sold to a ‘mystery buyer’ in the Eastern Coast of United States for USD 14.1M.

A beautifully integrated design; all the sumptuous pieces fit with each other. Concrete and glass and curves and dramatic lighting and texture for warmth. Stunning



house surrounded by blue water

lounge with a sea view

glass walls gorgoues home



spectacular views from the house

gorgeous and humongous home

view of the sea

white spiral staircases

huge underground parking

beautiful white bedroom

gorgeous house on a hill top

a picturesque location

massive house

the exterior

amazing house view

Church conversion into a residence

Oh my, yes.

More photos and great write-up at the link.

But why so much white? Floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture? (With minimal accents or art.)

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photo © Frank Hanswijk

photo © Frank Hanswijk

photo © Frank Hanswijk


photo © Frank Hanswijk

photo © Frank Hanswijk

photo © Frank Hanswijk

photo © Frank Hanswijk

photo © Frank Hanswijk


photo © Frank Hanswijk


photo © Frank Hanswijk

photo © Frank Hanswijk

Zecc Architects modified the church as little as possible; they maintained the existing wooden floor, the stained glass windows and the old doors while they repaired whatever was necessary.  The new white floor construction is kept free from the church walls, columns and arches.  The sleek stucco volume is constructed from steel, wood and sheet material.  Closed parapets guide sightlines and embrace the places of living.  Glass surfaces in the volume constantly offer another insight of fragments in the church. Moreover, they reflect historical elements, which creates a fusion of old and new.

photo © Frank Hanswijk

photo © Frank Hanswijk