The Websites I Visit the Most

  1. Seth Godin’s blog. You probably tire of hearing me say that this is the best site on the internet. But it is.
  2. Facebook. Staying connected to people I love.
  3. Twitter. What’s happening now? Click the follow button.
  4. Brain Pickings. What Maria Popova does here is remarkable. Food for the mind and soul.
  5. Daring Fireball. This is what taste looks like—the topics, the commentary, the design, the consistency. He’s earned his success. Although I find myself visiting less frequently.
  6. Twisted Sifter. Fascinating. Beautiful. You and I should probably “make our art” rather than spend time at this site, though.
  7. Devour. Youtube, curated. Also a colossal waste of time.
  8. ESPN. How are the Blazers doing?
  9. The Chive. Their claim: “Probably the best site on the internet”. (They are not. But they’re a hard habit to kick.)


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