Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks’ accent comes and goes. That’s a little distracting.

Who are his kids? Where are they? Why mention them once and never again? Where is the wife going?

I’m not convinced that 25 guys in a tanker would be afraid of four guys in a… dinghy.

Why not just unhook their ladder after they hook it? Without the ladder there is no way they are getting on. You could stay ducked below the SOLID STEEL gunwales.

Why are there no weapons, or no protocol for overpowering / outsmarting pirates?

Tom Hanks’ character is a commanding boss. Now he is not.

Who is the protagonist? Captain Phillips? The Navy? The SEALS?

Special forces are bad a$$.

It really is sucky to kill the three penniless, desperate guys and throw the fourth in prison for 33 years, when the war lord is directly responsible… and not just for that one pirate attack.



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