Big Bad Wolves

2013. Israeli film. Written and directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado.


My  notes:

A very good thriller.

Cool opening: all slow mo for a long time. The title is in the scene! (In wood on top of the abandoned house)

Straight to another tense, somewhat violent scene: from emotionally tense to physically tense

Boy recording the beating: Very 2014! This will happen more in the future… and therefore in future films

A “Who Done It”

A surprising lead… or a criminal playing cat and mouse? Do criminals do that in real life? No. Just like there are no big gun battles in big cities.

Oh dear.

Story plays out as it would in real life: al characters do exactly what they would.

Who’s the guy with the camera?

Slow tension building with testing the screaming. Nice. Too slow?

Police man who won’t leave a case. Cliche. Good example of doing what is right when it is not easy (or allowed).

How come the teacher can’t prove his innocence?

The video increases the heat.

Tough police boss. A bit cliche?

Whoa: you’re not a cop anymore. Civilians can do whatever they want.

Concurrent stories: the kidnapping, the demoted police, the dad who can’t see his daughter, the writer/pyscho.

How do all these fuckers have so much time?

Why is the demoted police chasing the teacher?

Boy, he sure ditched the police easily.

Why is the writer following the teacher? Or the police? Why does the writer have a gun?

The cop had better be aware of his surroundings. It would be embarrassing if the writer could follow him, drive into the same forest, and track him.

And… he did.

All warfare is based on deception. The pyscho has power. So the secret is to trick him into believing he has the power. Assess; then destroy.

Boom! It’s the daughter’s dad!

The teacher doesn’t seem like the molester.

Good acting.

The stalling is a bit funny.

Mom calls. “We’re coming over.”

The teacher finally speaks up. And makes good points. Casts doubt.

The music is funny.

The cake baking??

Why isn’t the teacher convincing the writer that he is innocent.

More stalling!

There would be more screaming.

A man on a horse rides up!

More interruptions!

The police could pull his gag out.

Whoa. Whoa. Nice punch in the gut. He was supposed to pick up his daughter. But was with his secretary.

Twist! The grandpa gets involved. That monkeys up the captured men’s plan.

Whoa. Another twist. The grandfather mistakes the pedophile. The cop looks more like a pedophile. Funny.

Something is going to go wrong with the blowtorch. Gross.

Whoa. Dad and granddad are insane.

Gradndad is watching the captives. They can’t do their plan.

There would be much more blood and sweat after that torture.

Dramatic irony with the cake!

So no buried head.

Parallel story: the bike and the car!

What? The police’s daughter is missing?!


Did he smile?

Boom. They couldn’t find that secret room? Not convincing. But terrifying, nonetheless.



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