We Must Not Shut Up About How Women Are Treated on the Internet

An excellent article.

As is the article this article is about.

If not Must-Reads, then they pretty close to it.

Why are women subject to so much violence?

Cross-reference: Patrick Stewart on Domestic Violence


One comment

  1. Passionate, heart-felt articles about real problems. Perhaps the put-downs, abuse, and negative treament begin in everyday life. Notice a woman making a comment or asking a question and others in her company rolling their eyes, taking a deep breath, or ignoring what was said; notice how acquiantances feel free to tell her what is wrong with what she’s wearing, eating, or doing. And the crowd-pleaser for a woman: standing on the train and having a stranger put his arm around her waist 😦 Yes, it is rough on the net… and on the streets, and sometimes… in the home.

    Thanks for taking a stand and speaking up and encouraging others to….

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