American Hustle

———– My notes ———–

  • 10:00 – 13:30 voice-over is outstanding!
  • The characters and the orchestration of the characters is masterful.
  • The motivation of each character is unclear and/or forced.
  • Christian Bale is good.
  • Why are they setting up the mayor? He is a good guy.
  • What’s with Amy Adams’ accent? It comes and goes.
  • Why did she scream on the toilet?
  • The FBI guy is as good at conning as the con man. (Update: No he is not.)
  • The whole thing is one breath away from collapsing. At all times. Yikes!
  • I don’t buy the low-life, alcoholic who is super wise and insightful. Even when drunk. Maybe such a person exists. I have never met one.
  • Why are they doing this to the mayor?
  • Why does Irving care if his wife cheats?
  • The women are so manipulative. Like mythological archetypes.
  • Why is she telling him that? Why now?
  • You can find good stuff. But you really have to look.
  • Wayne Dyer’s book, ‘The Power of Intention” was published in 2005. How was Rosaline reading it in 1980?
  • Irving is getting it from all sides.
  • FBI, Richard “Richie” DiMaso, guy pushed so hard. At any cost.
  • What are Irving and Rosaline getting out of this?
  • It’s a modern Macbeth! With a name borrowed from Romeo and Juliet.
  • The wrap up is pretty quick. All right at the end. I would like to see this story mapped out; outlined.
  • I like the semi-stilted dialog.

———– Quotes I liked ———–

  • “Everyone at the bottom crosses paths eventually.”
  • “It was almost scary how easy it was to take money from desperate people.”
  • “When I was around her, I felt joy. Fucking joy and love.”
  • “She was the Picasso of passive-aggressive karate.”
  • “She had me. I was her mark.”
  • “The key to people is what they believe; what they want to believe.”
  • “People believe what they want to believe. Now, who’s the master? The painter or the forger?”
  • “That’s the way the world works.”
  • “Crazy thing about people: the more you say “No” the more they want in on something. It is so stupid.”
  • “Someone people can pin their hopes and dreams on.”
  • “You’re pretty wild.”
  • “No more fake shit.”
  • “We dream and we build. We never give up.”
  • “You’re nothing to me until you’re everything.”
  • “End up with Rosaline in the dead space. Floating in some dead space with the furniture and the curtains. And I was your lifeline out, and you were mine.”
  • “The loss of his friendship would haunt me the rest of my life.”
  • “You can fool yourself for just so long. And then your next reinvention better have your feet on the damn ground.”
  • “The art of survival is a story that never ends.”


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