Mind the Gap

So a woman’s beauty is now dependent on a tiny triangle of nothing that comes and goes depending on her stance?

Come on. Not more of this picky, degrading crap.

There is so much that makes a woman beautiful—a million more things than a half-inch by half-inch section of air.

Hey ladies, let the gap be motivation to live a healthier life; let it be a fitness goal. Or not. Certainly don’t let it be what your self esteem is based on. You’re beautiful… whether you have a thigh gap or not.


Cross-reference: Why is being fat bad?



  1. Beautifully put. I’d go bit further. From an evolutionary point of view, women are,
    ,in general, more advanced and generally longer-lived than men. Why? Because, from tha evolutionary point of view, we males have primarily existed as sperm donors and protectors of the subsequent results. To successfully donate sperm, we’ve evolved to be fascinated, attracted, and devoted to that triangle (but the triangle must be attached to a woman, or geometry class would be far more popular amongst adolescent males than it is). We need not have evolved to be long-lived. Women, on the other hand, are selected to be longer lived and to survive to aid subsequent generations and to offer wisdom that can aid subsequent generations. Margret Thatcher and Sara Palin notwithstanding, women ought to use our (males) triangle-fascination to seize power and depose the Tea Party, Westborough Baptist Church, and global Jihadists. Long post, I apologize, but I’ve been aching to write it somewhere.

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