High Hopes

There’s a new album coming from Bruce Springsteen. His 18th.

I caught part of  this song on the radio and was hooked. SoundHound (my music-identifying app) didn’t know the song. It took a half-hour of searching online. It’s new from Springsteen. No wonder it hooked me.

I have always preferred timeless, enduring stuff. More-so the older I get. Springsteen and The Stones are my favorite bands.

Springsteen’s first album came out in 1973; the first from the Stones was in 1964. A lot of folks still listen to those. Springsteen’s first tour was in 1975; the first for the Stones was in 1964.

That’s 18 total tours for Springsteen and more coming. Almost 900 concerts, by most counts. The Stones have done 41 tours, with more coming. That’s over 2,000 concerts.

All that to say: I dig art that endures.

Here’s the latest by Bruce:

And another song titled, “High Hopes”. Not bad—music and video:


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