Thought of the day

While I was running this morning, I had this thought:

“Humans have people and things in their life for one of two reasons:

  • to show those people/animals/things affection (out of their own need for affection)
  • or to assert control them (out of their own need for control).

The balance of affection or control in a person’s life is easy to see. How does a person interact with those around them? How do they interact with pets?

Here’s the thing, though: when asked their preference, every human would choose being shown affection over trying to be controlled.”



  1. Well-written and thoughtful… I wonder if sometimes people give love to children, animals, and others because they are givers and want them (others) to feel loved, affirmed, and well cared for. Sometimes, I wonder if people are better at giving love than they are at receiving it. On a personal note: I noticed that it’s easier to give my kitty cats love and affection than it is to quiet myself inside to receive their love and affection… and they do want to give it! Thank you for your words of wisdom….

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