How to become a celebrity

You can’t.

You cannot become a superstar at an art that has celebrities, but you can earn a living doing what you love. You cannot become Lil Wayne. But you can become you. That is good news. Because “artists” like Lil Wayne are created. All celebrities are created. For every actor or singer who becomes famous, there are 10,000 who are better skilled, who have put in more time, who have more natural beauty or charisma, most of which never take serious steps toward achieving fame, or even mastery.

You cannot become a celebrity because fame is a game and you are not part of the game. And, as we will see, you don’t want to be. There are reasons that many, many of the people who could be part of the game (friends and family of celebrities) do not want to be.

Yes, cream rises to the top, but it rises to the top of bowl it is in. It does not rise to the top of the kitchen and hover there. You can master your art and become recognized for it in your town. But you cannot become world famous for mastering an art (at least in your lifetime), much less being a dilettante at it.

If, however, fame is your goal, and not a particular art, then you can achieve fame. But the price is your soul. There are, obviously, many celebrities with no talent. They all purchased their fame from fame-makers—entertainment executives—by trading their body and reputation for fame and profound shame. The executive makes money off of celebrity worship. It is much easier to “make” a star than to find, the in billions of people, a true star. Since humans, especially children and teens, are so ready to worship, an executive simply has to advertise and promote—following a proven strategy—someone who is willing to do anything, and the executive will make money by exploiting a willing puppet. That might be news to some: the executives make the real money; that is why they do it. Men, who are not celebrities, make money every time a “celebrity” takes off her clothes. Pimps take 100% of the money a prostitute makes.

Why do so many celebrities crap out? Fall apart? Why do so many (all) use drugs? Why do they work so hard to keep the public out, even while working hard to stay in the public’s eye? Because their fame has been created, it is not based on merit. And the price they paid for it is hard to live with.


Seek to master your art and, perhaps, become recognized in your town. Or, if you care less about yourself than anyone you know, seek to become more famous than anyone you know by paying more for it than anyone you know is willing to pay.

We need to be clear: this means you will have to have sex with people who can make you better known. You will have to do things, sexually and otherwise, that you would never otherwise do. You will have to have kinds of sex that repulse you with people that repulse you. The phrase, “sell your soul” is used because it describes the act most accurately.

Of course celebrities use drugs daily. How else can they live with the memories, much less continue to do what is necessary to keep their fame?



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