Must Reads: Oct 17-24

Seth Godin has been on fire the past month. Today was more personally applicable than usual. (But he is always “The Best Website On the Internet”.)1

James Altucher has also been on fire this past month. Today was powerful. (This post had an immediate, positive effect on my marriage.)

Finally, this very site has had great lately. Check out the 11 most recent posts, or Choose My Writing from the Categories menu in the sidebar.

1 My oft-used description of Seth’s site


One comment

  1. Excellent times two! I read Seth Godin’s (he reminds me of you a little bit) Today. and James Altucher’s This post. In a few short paragraphs, they said volumes that were spot-right-on. Thank you so much for your post. And I am amazed at the books you’ve read and movies you’ve watched. Love clicking on the categories and going over favorites or finding new treasure!

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