Are Sports Good For Kids?

I wrestle that question regularly:

Yesterday (Oct 10, 2013), the New York Times hosted a discussion on the question. Three articles on each side. Good question and good articles.



  1. I appreciate your ongoing dialogue about this important issue. Thank you for making us stop and think… Loved the short quotes and their thoughts about sports and kids. Jim Thompson, for example, said:

    “Sports provide an endless procession of teachable moments, which can be obscured by a win-at-all-cost mentality. Rather than mimicking entertainment sports culture, youth sports should be seen as a “development zone” with a working motto of “better athletes, better people.”

    I also appreciated what Nicole LaVoi wrote: “With healthy adult leadership, competitive athletics can lead to many positive psychosocial, developmental and health benefits for girls.”

    It’s all about the program, the coaching, parental support and how it’s presented, isn’t it?

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