The Queen of Versailles

The attitude in the home is pleasant. And it comes from her. She seems like a happy, strong person. There is not one moment of her being cranky or unhappy. There are no moments of her snapping at people. She is never in a bad mood. Maybe she tiptoes around her husband. Maybe she is afraid that he doesn’t need or love him. She definitely needs him.

The tension in their relationship is a classic case of the husband working hard and the wife spending as much (or more) as they earn. He will resent her for her spending. It happens in millions of homes across all economic levels. Just stop spending. Regardless of income. Consumption is always shameful.

She loves attention. She seems to make everything about her but doesn’t seem to get touchy or take it personally when it isn’t about her.

The filmmaker did a remarkable job.

The nanny talks a lot about missing her family and how poor her family is. That does not compute.

Jackie’s breasts get bigger (and unsettling / freaky) during the course of the film.

The consumption of the lady is shameful.

He sure sits a lot. Geez.

Why do they have peacocks?

He says he doesn’t get any joy from his marriage. He says it is like having another child.

The lady gets each child so many gifts that the kids don’t even know what they’re getting; they seem dazed.

“Former Beauty Queen” is a tragic phrase.

Since the film: Jackie wants her own reality show. But the Siegels signed over the rights to their life story to make the film. So David has sued the filmmakers. Twice. Also, Westgate had record profits in 2012 and looks to have an even better 2013.


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