Malcolm Gladwell has a new book coming out

It sounds as potent as Outliers.

Seth Godin reviews it here.


One comment

  1. Whoa… what a stunning review! and so true… it speaks of the macro-culture, the environment outside business walls; and the micro-culture, inside the organization. And ends with what today may be the most powerful factor of all, forgiveness! Great book and great review! Powerful and moving.

    “And most of all, CULTURE. Silicon Valley works for the very reason that a broken inner-city fails. Because of cultural expectations. People become heroes when they’re surrounded by a culture that allows them to dream it’s possible.”

    “The book ends with a poignant story about the power of forgiveness and how it informs so many other elements of our culture.”

    Mr. Godin reminds me of the brothers, G and G 🙂

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