You might never understand Apple.

…some people won’t. That’s OK.

John Gruber:

Apple’s “This Is Our Signature” mantra is in defiance of this superficial demand for an endless stream of new new new. Apple is saying they’re above the churn of the news cycle, and if you don’t understand that yet, they don’t care. You’ll either get it through your head eventually, or you will never understand Apple.

More on Apple’s “This Is Our Signature” here.

I, for one, am glad that Apple is pointing this out.

Me, writing on this point that Apple is different and not everyone will get that:

“Not everyone can (or wants to) see the heart—the discipline of principles—that these externals reveal.”

“There is a difference. And everyone knows it.”

“Apple’s products and operations are vastly superior. Many people have recognized this all along. Some people will never recognize it.”


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