Your children’s friends

I encountered two separate (and very different) sources commenting on the importance of who you hang around with.

This first quote gave me chills when I first read it:

How [your children] act around friends says more about the type of person they are turning into.

how they act around friends says

The second, related quote came from Tim Cook:

The [ethical] compass comes from parents and who you surround yourself with—friends. That collective group of people that influence you the most. [Developing your ethical compass] is largely the fact of others.

Mr. Cook appeared an event at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Well worth watching all the talks.


One comment

  1. Wow… I had never thought of it that way… that is sobering, isn’t it? I remember a record my children used to listen it, “Tell me a story, Aunt B”, and one story involved friends. Aunt B’s message was: “Be careful of the friends you choose; bad friends bring bad habits.” Yikes

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