You have to brainwash people.

Psychological conditioning is the fundamental cause of all human conflict.

So… you have to un-brainwash people, and then… re-brainwash them.

Wait. What?

There is no way that everyone, or even the majority, or even a plurality of people will achieve enlightenment. The price for achieving enlightenment is too high. 3% of the world’s population have doctoral degrees, and I would say that achieving enlightenment requires similar purposefulness and intellectual demands/rigor as earning a doctorate. Another way to look at it is: .005% (yes, that is five-1,000ths of a percent) of the world’s population are professional athletes. How does that accomplishment compare with achieving enlightenment? How many people would you estimate have achieved enlightenment? A couple per generation?

However, enlightenment is the ideal solution to the fundamental cause of all human conflict (psychological conditioning). Short of magically getting everyone (or anyone!) to achieve enlightenment, the only other option is better brainwashing–indoctrination that is more humane than a person’s original indoctrination.

You have to brainwash people.

Suddenly, George Orwell’s 1984 does look more like a How-to manual than a warning.

(Cross-reference: “You Have to Manipulate People.”)


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