You Have to Manipulate People.

You have to manipulate people.

That sounds sinister or wrong. But it simply practical.

The vast majority of people do not think. So they will not be swayed/convinced by reason, even though reason is the strongest type of argument.

Yet, because they don’t think, they have to be informed, swayed, controlled.

And the only way to do that is manipulation.

(Cross-reference: “In Defense of Elitism”)



  1. History is truly replete with leaders who thought that ‘one’ would know what was best for the masses: For example, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, sought to manipulate the masses…. I’m so glad we serve a God who says, “Choose for yourself;” and He really does know what is best for each individual person 🙂 One size doesn’t really fit all! Excellent, thought-provoking discussion!

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