It’s your choice.

The most remarkable aspect of living is how much control you have over your life. You have complete control over your life. Your parents and upbringing shape your actions, reactions, your deficiencies and “set” your personality. But everything is your choice. You can choose where you live, how you dress, how you act and react. Everything is up to you. Your level of maturity, your level of understanding, your grades in school, who you associate with, and how you respond to those people.

Happiness and contentment are 100% a choice. As are misery and discontent. Your every thought at every moment; what you think and how you think; our attitude and all of your responses are a choice. There is no such thing as “She made me mad.” There is only, “I chose to get angry.”

Your general health and level of fitness are up to you. As is how you spend your time, and how productive you are. All of it. Everything is simply a choice.

You have a default way of waking up (and sitting and walking), but those don’t have to be default. You can choose.

These kind of choices are as easy as choosing what you will wear today, but these kind of choices feel impossible because of conditioning, habit.

At any and every moment, you choose essentially every aspect of your life and your reality.


One comment

  1. Excellent comments… and true from the beginning of time! In 1427 BC, Joshua wrote: “Choose you this day whom you will serve… as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). It is all about choices 🙂

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