The real Haves and the real Have Nots

The real Haves and Have Nots are not those with money and those without money. Nor is it those with education and those without education. It is not even those with opportunity and those without opportunity. It is, and will continue to be, those who are focused and committed and those who are undisciplined and lazy. That is the gap that will continue to grow until we reach what is essentially a feudal state or a collapse of capitalism.

Maybe it was luck that caused the committed to be so. Maybe the crapshoot of DNA caused that person to be born competitive and committed. Maybe their parents were productive and committed—to each other, to parenting, to their art. Maybe the impossible mixture of their personality and their environment was just right. Lucky for them.

But the reality is that luck has nothing to do with hard work. Anymore than luck explains laziness.

It is OK to be unambitious. It is not OK to be lazy. It is OK to be one of the Have Nots. It is OK, even, to choose poverty. It is not OK, though, to fester in laziness and complain about inequality.

“No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimeter nearer.” (Orwell, George. 1984.)

You don’t have to be ambitious or driven or focused. But you must know that if you’re not those things, you will have to choose contentment. Lack of those things means you don’t get to be one of the Haves. Which is fine.

There’s more: the price of entry might be going up. Driven, committed people—in all endeavors—seem more driven and committed than ever before. They have more knowledge, science, methods, tools, choices, and (above all) competition than ever before.

In which group will the future find you? The choice is primarily yours. And you have everything you need to Have.



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