Must Reads: What is a Man? + The Life of Jack London

Two related series from The Art of Manliness that are must reads:


Part 1: What is a Man? The Allegory of the Chariot. (By Plato, of course.)
Part 2: Got Thumos?

“The Life of Jack London as a Case Study in the Power and Perils of Thumos”

(A number of men could have served as the case study here: Theodore Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, etc. But AoM has already covered those men in great depth. Search AoM for either name.)

#1: Introduction
#2: Boyhood
#3: Oyster Pirate
#4: Pacific Voyage
#5: On the Road
#6: Back to School
#7: Into the Klondike



  1. Plato and his Socrates are truly amazing. What a thinker…
    I noted the similarities between Plato’s allegory and scripture in his passage:
    “Basically, the more Truth the charioteer beheld on his journey, the shallower his fall, and the easier it is for him to get up and get going again. The regrowth of the wings is hastened by the mortal soul encountering people and experiences that contain touches of divinity, and recall to his memory the Truth he beheld in his preexistence. Plato describes such moments as looking “through the glass dimly” and they hasten the soul’s return to the heavens.” Yes, God is a God of truth; and the two horses? Perhaps, feeding the white dog or black dog…?
    Excellent post….

  2. The piece about Jack London stood out as an excellent example of the book, “Real Boys,” in its summation of his appeal: “Perhaps what most intrigued people about London is how he combined what many described as a feminine sensitivity with a scrappy toughness.” Yes…

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