Must Reads:

Marwa’s story: 10 years since the bomb fell
A 6,500 word article about about one of your sisters.


“Michael Jordan has not left the building.”
An 8,000 word article on Michael Jordan at 50

“I always thought I would die young.”
“A common word used to describe Jordan is ‘rage’.”


One comment

  1. Such a little girl… even at 12; and such a big war. I’m so glad she is smiling now and has a prosthetic leg. I pray that the soldiers (from every war effort) will also get prosthetic legs, and all (including citizens of Iraq) will be healed of PTSD.

    I was impressed by these words from Dr al-Jawahiry in Iraq… and the BBC:

    “There weren’t enough drugs or operating theatres and plenty of doctors left Iraq back in those days. But enough remained at their posts to keep the system going.”

    “I tell Dr al-Jawahiry that he should be proud to have been a doctor in such a difficult place, at such a difficult time.”

    “He shrugs modestly, but I feel proud just to have met him.”

    Me, too.

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