Smash your smart phone & throw it in the garbage

Watch, comment, and share.



  1. It was good to see you and hear you, Grant. I miss our conversations. So what are your own rules and regulations regarding smartphone usage around your house? My I’ve got one teenager, a preteen and a 7-year-old who wants to be a teenager. Dinners are largely phone free, as are movie nights and other social times. But Cole is almost always scrolling through news stories on his phone. Carson texts with his buddies from Alaska and Montana quite often, and Gabbers likes to play games. Cheryl plays Words with Friends a lot, and I spend my evenings watching a little television with her while catching up on work reading on my laptop. Some days it all seems too much and other days I feel like we have a nice balance. I’d love to know what practices you put into place personally and around your home regarding smartphone or gadget usage.


    1. Hey Tim! I really enjoy your updates from Chi-town, and your videos from Alaska.

      I don’t have a policy on gadget use. I try to be intentional with what I believe in. I don’t believe in staring at phone screens, so I try to avoid doing it myself. I can spend a lot of time on my computer, though–reading and posting. I have talked with the girls (and Belle) on a couple of occasions about TV watching and phone use. The girls have iPod Touches, but they are not on their iPods too much.

      One thing I have said to my girls repeatedly is: If the stories you tell are from TV shows (or video games), then your watching too much TV (of spending too much time playing games). The stories you tell should be from your life. Live well; and tell the stories.

      Thanks for watching the video and for commenting.

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