Two Awesome Things

There are two things that are awesome AND are exactly what colleges, scholarships, and contest want to see:

  1. Taking advantage of opportunities.
  2. Asking, “What else can I do?”

1. You have tons (almost too many!) opportunities. There are tons of electives. There is Yearbook, Leadership, MAPS Credit Union, award-winning clubs and teams, there are many advanced classes.

What does taking advantage of opportunities mean?

  • You saw on Craigslist that a low-budget film was being shot nearby; they couldn’t pay, but you learned about making films. You found another and another and it turned into a career.
  • You joined Robotics and ended up being the team leader of the team that went to Nationals because you showed up all the time
  • You joined orchestra and won state
  • You joined Mock Trial and showed every day and won regionals three straight years
  • You started a bike-building club because you love building lowrider bikes, and your club started teaching middle-schoolers how to work on bikes

What other examples can you come up with? Please share in the comments.

(You can see an example of this point in the second essay for Georgetown.)

2. Asking “What else can I do?” is a life-changing, world-changing habit.

“Hey, Mr. Huhn, I’m done with the assignment. Is there anything else I can do?”
“Hey, (employer), I finished that task. Is there anything else you need?”

Seth Godin calls this “making yourself invaluable”.

This volunteering, this self-selecting, is the reason for millions of adventures and the secret of millions of successes. The experiences, opportunities, and accomplishments you will have from this simple act will propel you to the top of any list… including competitive college admissions, scholarships, and contests.


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