I *just* posted about the Harlem Shake and how we must not rejoice in ignorance and mediocrity.

This morning I heard about something called “gallon smashing” that has started.

Never do this or support anyone who does.

What it is:
A vile person goes to a market, grabs two plastic gallon jugs of some beverage (orange juice, milk, etc), then walks with them and throws them in the air (while pretending to slip). The jugs smash on the ground, making a huge mess, splattering on nearby people, soiling their clothes, and costing the store money in loss and man hours. Another disgrace to humanity records it and they share the video online.

It’s pretty basic:
Strangers don’t come into your room and ruin your things, don’t do that to other people.



  1. It seems to me that there are two reasons a person craves attention: 1) They never received any. 2) They received too much. This “activity” of “Gallon Smashing” is a symptom of the latter.

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