“Men dream of women. Women dream of being dreamt of.”

Ways of Seeing was a BBC television series consisting of visual essays that raise questions about hidden ideologies in visual images.

I actually find it rather disturbing that—despite our claims to be a culture that’s increasing freedom of choice all the time—we haven’t come up with anything quite as astute, subversive or beautiful as Ways of Seeing since. Not on the BBC, and not even—especially not—on the internet.

I think this is still the most intelligent glance television—a medium, ostensibly, about looking, but actually very bad at looking intelligently at looking—has ever cast on the act of looking.

From: UbuWeb Film, where the entire series can be found and the excellent explanation of the importance of the series.

(Title quote from the film… which is one brilliant insight after another.)

Episode 3 (1/3)

Episode 3 (2/3)

Episode 3 (3/3)

Episode 4 (1/3)

Episode 4 (2/3)

Episode 4 (3/3)


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