Look out! The daily routine is a trap.

You rise earlier than you’d like. You shower, dress, shove food in your mouth, and rush out the door to go to school/work. At school/work, your agenda is set by someone else, and you work on tasks by, and for, someone else.

This typical daily routine not only gets in the way of doing what you want, but it gets in the way of figuring out what you want.

And nothing matters more than what you want.

There are people who do not desperately want something. People who do not madly crave. They are likely content with the routine. And that is fine.

Adam Corolla has numerous successes. He has the #1 podcast at iTunes. In an interview, someone asked him how he got his success. Adam seemed surprised by the question. He replied:

“Look, here’s the deal: when you want something, you can get it. We always talk about drug addicts– there’s nothing more expensive than cocaine. Just dig this thought– per ounce it’s more than gold, it sure the hell is more than lobster… It’s the most expensive weighted substance on the planet. And the POOREST people, the people with no job, whose family has disowned them years ago, are able to connect with the world’s most expensive substance.

“Thus, when you want to do something, you will get it DONE.”

What do you want?

Shortly after hearing Adam’s quote, I happened to pick up a Wall Street Journal. Inside was an article about Ryan Seacrest. It briefly told his story. Guess what? He did not become a Variety Show Host by accident, or by falling into it, or by aiming for something else and settling for it. He wanted it, specifically, passionately, obsessively.

Do what you want.

If you do what you love long enough, eventually you will master it. Once you master it, people will pay you to do it. It is the perfection that stills the universe: a being doing what they most love, and another being needing that thing done.

The people that history remembers are those who did not get ground down by the tedium of the typical routine.



  1. A timely reminder that there is life outside school and work! “The people that history remembers are those who did not get ground down by the tedium of the typical routine.” Oh for vision, passion, and a sense of mission. The world is waiting…

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