Seth Godin is on fire

Seth Godin has been absolutely killing it lately*.

(*By lately, I really mean: everyday for the past six years.)

He’s called “The World’s Greatest Blogger” because he is. And more.

Want to be like him? Read this interview. And this one.


One comment

  1. Yet again… excellent comments on captivating subjects. I really like what Seth Godin said about football and TV: “The new media giants of our age (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) don’t point everyone to one bit of content, don’t trade in mass. Instead, they splinter, connecting many to many, not many to one.” Concise.
    Very interesting about the tribe concept and theory of competition…

    A diet for your mind: Excellent and sure to add health, vitality, and creativity. In our everyday busy-ness, it is good to stop and simply… well, think.

    Paracosms… the rarefied air the “red monkeys” live in on the outer edges of organizations; the creators, the innovators. Yes! And to the rest… “it’s not for you!”

    Thank you, Mr. Huhn, a writer, blogger, who is inspirational and writes from the heart… just like Mr. Godin 🙂

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