13-18 are important years

13-18 are important years. You have to obsess about what interests you during those years.

Always doing what you’re told doesn’t equal success. We want/need people asserting themselves.

Do not slip into un-living, or stalling (which means having tedious responsibilities and putting them off by wasting time). Not only does that kill dreams and potential, but you will miss out on real living.

Fulfill your responsibilities or fulfill your goals.

One part of real living is enjoying sports (and enjoying life!) but giving up any dream to play professionally. Statistically, you don’t have a chance of becoming a professional athlete, and there are more important things you can do with your time.

From birth, you have been sold a fiction that sports matter, and that you can easily become a famous, professional athlete.

Some numbers:

Total number of people 18 and over in America: approx. 240,000,000

teachers (K-12) 7,500,000 1 in 32 3.1% 94
retail salespeople 4,500,000 1 in 53 2% 57
nurses 2,750,000 1 in 87 1.1% 34
truck drivers 1,600,000 1 in 150 0.7% 20
medical doctors 1,000,000 1 in 240 0.4% 12
police officers 800,000 1 in 300 0.3% 10
graphic designers 300,000 1 in 800 0.1% 4
professional athletes 19,000 1 in 12,700 0.008% 0** (1 by year 2034)

* Number of West Salem High graduates: ~ 3,000
** As of 2013, there is a West grad in the NFL!

Forget About Money

If money is your thing (like Rockefeller: “Money was my destiny.”), then get good with money. Otherwise, forget about money and instead obsess over your interests and strengths.

The numbers:

  • There are 425 billionaires in America.
  • There are 3 million millionaires in America.
  • There are 315 million total people.

…which means:

  • There is 1 billionaire for every 741,000 people.
  • There is 1 millionaire for every 105 people.

…which means:

  • No one from West Salem High will ever be a billionaire. (If West graduates 300 students each year, statistically it would take 2,470 years to produce a billionaire. The whole state of Oregon has only ever produced one billionaire. A billionaire is a “Captain of Industry”, which means: a major player in a major industry. Typically, those industries are: oil, mining, real estate, finance, and technology. Typically, billionaires began working in their industry as teens.)
  • Every WSHS graduating class will (eventually) produce three millionaires. (Look around. Find 105 peers. Are you harder-working, more focused, and luckier than all those? Then you are the one, Neo.)

Follow your bliss.

And don’t let money or professional sports cause you to stall.



  1. Sometimes there aren’t words in the English language (which, by way, has the most words – over 700,000 in 2005 – of any language) to describe overwhelming emotion or Aha moments; such is my experience after reading your post. Wow… not a huge, loud Wow, but a quiet, moving, wow. So profound and written from the heart were your words. They moved something deep inside and tears fill my eyes as I reply. Thank you, Mr. Huhn, you are a teacher sent straight from God’s heart….

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