What did you do this weekend?

I don’t chronicle my life online. That’s just me.

But I do do stuff. (He said “do-do”!)

Here’s what I did this weekend; it was a typical weekend.

Friday, January 25, 5pm – Sunday, January 27, 10pm

FRI even.

  • wrote a lengthy email. Sent it.
  • tried to find a way to export my Netflix ratings. It took over an hour, but I did it.
  • researched other online, sharable movie rating service. Chose two to consider. Researched importing JSON or XML file to those services. Still unsure if possible.
  • unloaded dishwasher
  • loaded dishwasher
  • watched Archer – S.4, E.1 & 2
  • one daughter to friend’s house for sleep-over. Other daughter has sleep-over with friend here. (They have wonderful friends.)
  • took daughter and friend to Lady Titan basketball game
  • talked with cool people. Talked iOS programming with Dan
  • wrote an essay on guns and violence. Emailed it to an author I am corresponding with
  • helped get girls to bed
  • played one game of Enscripted on iPhone
  • played several games of Ruzzle on iPhone


  • watched Young Justice – S.3, E. 19 & 20
  • made pancakes with cake sprinkles for breakfast
  • graded 100 assignments
  • put some things for sale on Craigslist
  • checked Facebook. Liked and commented on several posts
  • made cheese and bean quesadillas for lunch
  • played guitar for 20 mins
  • wrote a follow-up essay. Emailed it
  • took daughter and friend to Upward basketball game
  • talked to several old friends (So happy to see them!)
  • went to baby shower for my cousin and his wife!
  • took a nap
  • Went to church at West Salem Foursquare
  • Went to John’s Chinese
  • made beds for girls on floor of our room
  • led family time
  • played one game of Enscripted on iPhone
  • played several games of Ruzzle on iPhone


  • wrote third follow-up to essay. Emailed it
  • changed the water in, and cleaned, both fish bowls
  • played with guinea pig
  • replied to several other emails
  • checked FB. Read several linked articles
  • watched Young Justice S.4, E.21
  • watched Avatar: The Legend of Korra – S.1 E.6, 7
  • Fixed a XLR cable that daughters had accidentally torn
  • Rebuilt a ramp for the guinea pig cage
  • had deep conversation with Belle
  • helped daughter make mac ‘n’ cheese (My daughters love it. I am grossed-out by it.)
  • checked The Verge. Read and commented on several articles
  • ran to grocery store for rotisserie chicken and chocolate chips
  • made cookie dough with girls
  • watched Avatar: The Legend of Korra – S1. E.8
  • played guitar 15 min
  • supervised some chores
  • played with girls
  • helped get girls in bed
  • played one game each of Enscripted and Ruzzle
  • graded 40 assignments
  • made this list
  • watched part of Downton Abby S3. E4 with Belle
  • one daughter couldn’t sleep because she was scared (of??). Took her to guest room and slept next to her. She was very happy and fell asleep quickly.

One comment

  1. What a glorious, full, week-end with family, friends, great food (pancakes with sprinkles, rotisserie chicken, chocolate chips, and mac and cheese; crowd-pleasers!), great talks, great writing, assignments graded (yay!) and even time to watch a few shows! And go to church. Yay for the ramp for the guinea pig 🙂 I feel like I was right there! XOXO

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