Some Interesting Things

Lightweight, free operating systems? Yes!:
Your old computer can live! Again! (Best said in mad scientist voice)


Better than email. Better than meetings. People are starting to feel this.


The worst mistake in the history of the human race! A thoughtful read.
(Spoiler: farming)


Explore. As good as Brain Pickings. High praise.


How are Britain and America different? A vintage infographic (by the guy who invented them)


Yeah. A 3D printer for your home.
(via: uncrate)

Form 1 High-Res 3D Printer


Book about MMA fighters goes deep into the lives of the great fighter. A must for fans.


One comment

  1. OK… now I want a 3D printer! (Who doesn’t?) What wonderful variety in the offerings today… I wonder which operating system to download? One or all? And, I really liked the new alternative to emails and Skype, for a group 🙂 The article on the Biggest Mistake is thought-provoking, for sure; and the Explore, so interesting! We re-watch videos and DVDs, why not reread books? And it DOES take a lot of writing to write! I remember visiting England and noticing the differences; consider the architecture, for one thing, and how far their culture dates back… Wow! Vive la difference!

    Thank you…

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