The End of Microsoft

If Karma is real, the end of Microsoft will come, and it will be inglorious.

If stock price is indicative, the end of Microsoft will come, and it will be inglorious.

Here is (part of) their legacy:

  • Brazenly stealing
  • Stealing from, and then crushing, startups
  • Purchasing and killing “babies” (services/products created and built with love by an individual or small team)
  • Following competitors into markets and then selling at a loss for years to undercut competitors and gain market share
  • Mocking a competitor and their product, then copying that product
  • Having more legal trouble than any other tech company, since its founding
  • A noticeable lack of vision, taste, or class

Here is their stock performance:

MSFT - 13 years

Over the past thirteen years, they have lost half their value. If you don’t count the crash of 2000, then they are completely flat. For over a decade.

See my charts on their market capitalization here.

Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of MSFT in January 2000. Since then, Steve Ballmer has been at the helm. Why hasn’t Microsoft’s board gotten rid of Ballmer by now? I (and others) are not sure what Microsoft is waiting for. Another flat year? Another five? The inglorious end?



  1. I was shocked to read the list of their “legacy.” It made me feel sad for the small companies that lovingly created their own designs; only to be stolen by a bigger company. Maybe someone should give them a news flash… like an annoying pop-up on their intranet that just won’t go away 🙂 Grrrr

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