Django Unchained (2012)

Django Unchained. 2012. Quentin Tarantino

It is what it is. (Which is just what Tarantino has said in defense of his films). But it will not hold up to multiple viewings or scrutiny. The viewer is left with too many questions:

  • How does Shultz know the slave traders will be in that forest on that night?
  • Why approach the slave traders at night?
  • Why does Shultz shoot the horse, instead of the guy? He knows the guy is going to die.
  • Why does Shultz take on Django as a partner? Wasn’t he doing just fine by himself? He just gave himself a 30% pay cut.
  • Why does Shultz take on Django’s (pretty basic) quest?
  • Why does Shultz sacrifice himself for Django’s quest?
  • Why did Django have to act (like a horrible person)?
  • Why can’t they just ask for the girl?
  • Did they have sunglasses back then?
  • Why is Samuel L. Jackson’s character acting? (This really makes no sense.)
  • How does Samuel L.’s character know what’s going on?
  • Why doesn’t Shultz just shake Candy’s hand?

Here are my observations:

  • Jamie Foxx is outstanding.
  • Chrisoph Waltz so good as Shultz.
  • The cadence of the language and dialogue is noteworthy.
  • Some of the camera work (ie: crash zooms) is a tribute to spaghetti westerns.
  • The story has great pacing. Keeps you hooked throughout.
  • Pitch-perfect cinematography: great lighting, great colors,
  • Old Man Carrucan (Bruce Dern)’s sunglasses are out of place.
  • A play within a play!
  • “What that is?”
  • His “costume”!
  • That’s Don Johnson! Outstanding work.
  • Note: Revenge sells at least as good as Sex.
  • The Klan talking about their head bags is outstanding.
  • In the snow with caribou. Cool.
  • “Candyland”
  • Gruesome cruelty. Is there any other kind?
  • Ah yeah. A Rick Ross song
  • This movie didn’t need to be almost 3 hours long.
  • Mr. Stonecipher (the help who can’t talk). And Mr. Candy’s expressions. Outstanding.
  • Jamie Foxx is good.
  • Did they have sunglasses back then?
  • Ruthlessness works. It may the only thing that works.
  • The expressions (of anger, resentment, resignation, satisfaction) are marvelous.
  • Samuel L. is outstanding.
  • Not sure why Shultz is helping Django at great personal expense and danger.
  • “Eskimo Joe is a quality n*****.”
  • Sam L. Jackson standing at Leo’s shoulder repeating what he said. Outstanding.
  • Leo is pitch perfect.
  • Leo’s speech after dinner
  • Civility?
  • I knew Johnny Cash would show up. What a mix of music! Some of it is a nice homage to spaghetti westerns
  • In terms of cool: maybe the coolest slo-mo ever. Throughout.

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