I miss: “The Answer”

I loved Allen Iverson. He was a beautiful baller. With a tragic after-story.

  • 6’0″. Carried his team alone for a decade. Tons of double-doubles.
  • 6’0″. Top 3 scoring leader 7 times. Number 18 all-time total points.
  • 6’0″. Always driving to the hoop, through the trees. Always on the floor. Took a lot of fouls: Number 13 on the all-time free-throw attempt list.
  • 6’0″. Big East Defensive Player of the Year both years he played college ball.

I hear he is bankrupt and in massive debt (which retired pro isn’t?). I know it’s his own fault, but I still feel for him.

Enjoy some memories:

Watch the hustle at 1:00 and rub the goosebumps off your arms. Watch him break Jordan’s ankle at 2:15. You’ll wanna tell someone about the top three plays:

A.I. – Ankle Breakers:

His top 100 crossovers(!)

Iverson GIFs.


One comment

  1. He can shoot close up, far away, from center, left, right and makes it look easy… sailing over the heads of the opposing team! That is tragic about how many sports figures (and others we just don’t hear about) go bankrupt. Just a thought, wouldn’t it be nice if emotional and social intelligence were part of schools’ curriculum; and teaching about making a budget and handling money 🙂

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