I don’t like Windows 8

Maybe you do. That’s cool.

As soon as I saw it (back in March), I felt Microsoft had missed. Badly. (I have posted before about MS Surface in June and November.)

Later, I played with several Windows phones which only reinforced my position.

This is a useable, marketable, but not a great product.

Now other tech pundits are finding the courage to say the emperor has no clothes on.

UPDATE: another tech legend with a disappointed review of Surface.

You gotta know why you’re making something. “To not get left behind.” is not reason enough.


One comment

  1. Thank you, Mr. Huhn, you just saved me a lot of wasted time… and money. I wondered about the Windows 8 (because I have Windows 7 and I’m not crazy about it) and hoped it would be better; but I believe it would be more confusing! Poor Microsoft, the blind leading the naked!

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