The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Wow. Has there ever been a movie that had so much potential and fallen so short?

One of the most boring films I have ever seen… though it looked captivating in the trailers (previews).

Jennifer Gardner is good. No one else is anything. So boring and forgettable. Why and how? The film is so disappointing that I am curious about the reasons. Did one person’s incompetence or personality poison the whole project? Why did the actors seem poorly-cast and bored? Why did they start filming with nothing much to the story?

It was as interesting as watching video of a child’s soccer game. Someone else’s child. Indeed, there were many (painfully boring) scenes of a child’s soccer game!

The story didn’t go anywhere. There were no satisfying payoffs. Why tell the story as a series of flashbacks? The jumping in time took me further our of a story I was already out of.

The premise held so much promise. And the movie delivered nothing.


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