Raging Bull

Martin Scorsese

Has Scorsese made a film as good as Raging Bull since Raging Bull. The camera work! The angles. The parallel action.

Has Deniro done as good of work as he did here and in Taxi Driver?

The relationship dynamics! Real dynamics. Every relationship, every interaction has a power balance. Can you see it here? Can you see it in life?

I love movies that love the setting. This movie loves NY.

And the film loves the subject. That’s the best kind of film. It isn’t about the subject because the subject is popular right now. The film is not trying to cash in on a fad. It is not derivative, emulative, or imitative.

A steady unraveling. The story, the subplots, the characters. Nicely done.

Every scene is a quarrel.

Super cool hitchcock zoom.

Deniro is even better as the old Lamotta.

The final verse. How long has it taken you to see? can you see by 20? By 40? Has it taken you until 70 to see?



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