The Mansion at Turnberry Place

3.5 acres in the heart of Las Vegas.

80,000 square feet.

For only $18,000,000.

That’s $225 per sq foot. An impossible price for this kind of a property. This home is $4,000/sq.ft. This home is $2500/sq.ft.

There are actual precious metals and gems in the decor.

You can use it as a “private ultra-luxury estate” or turn it into a business (small hotel? some sort of club?)

10 bedrooms, more than 20 baths, two restaurant-grade kitchens, a nightclub, a ballroom, a championship tennis facility, an indoor swimmer’s pool, an outdoor resort pool.

Enjoy the photos.


One comment

  1. Wow! Doesn’t it look huge on the inside… and small in its surroundings! That is a fantastic price (considering the price of apartment condos overlooking Central Park in NYC!). It is lovely and would make a great B & B! Just sayin’ 🙂

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