Why is amazon’s P/E 3,000?

The past week, amazon.com’s P/E has been around 3,000.


Apple is around 13. Microsoft is around 16. Google is around 21.

Amazon doesn’t make money, yet their P/E is 3,000.

Amazon has the 2nd highest P/E in the world (after Lamar Outdoor Advertising, which also doesn’t make much money. Kior has negative earnings, so they don’t actually have a P/E).

I really don’t know what is going on.

(Though I know something is.)



  1. Whenever I call customer service for Amazon.com, I get someone in India… and, when I mentioned that we had studied Amazon.com in business classes, the operator laughed (not the kind of laugh that is joyful). I wonder if it is all computerized with just some phone operators in India? Just wondering…

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