The Future is…

The future is: Change. Great thoughts by in incomparable Asymco:

“Once you change the method of distribution, the product has to change.”

“Create a platform and give people the freedom to create on it.”

Cross-reference great thoughts by MG Siegler:

“Build the app for people who have never used a personal computer. They are coming.”

Continued thought: The tool or system is more expensive and complex than the thing it helps produce.

For example: Windows XP* has 40 million lines of code. If the average line of code has five “words” in it, then Windows XP is the equivalent of a book of 200 million words. Or… if the average book has 350 words per page, then Windows XP is the equivalent of a 570,000 page book.

In other words: wow.

Conclusion: Get busy making mobile apps!

(* used only because we don’t know how many lines of code other OSes are)


One comment

  1. That is impressive, indeed! And I’m glad you added the caveat emptor about the Windows XP: “Let the buyer beware.” LOL

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