Things you must see

…on the internet (has it become our world?):

Flowchart of Superpowers #2
and Superpowers #1
I have linked to their work before. Make art.

The world in text 
So beautiful I caught my breath. This could have been really cheap and crappy (or non-existent), but someone made art.

The Apple family tree: Apple platforms through the years
All of ’em. Bless you Steve Jobs. (He made art.)

The greatest Halloween costume ever.
(Click through the eight pages) I hope the story is true.

Overcoming creative block

National Hero Registration
There simply is nothing better than great ideas, well executed.

Jeremyville CSA banners for Facebook.
So good. My favorite.

Call in sick.

We Love Typography.
Yes, we do.

Great Minds Like a Think.
Fun/chilling prints from The Economist


One comment

  1. I looked at and read them all… what delicious variety! I especially liked the one about overcoming creative block (Huhn’s need a lot of sleep) and “Great Minds Like a Think.” THank you 🙂

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