They are coming.

Build mobile apps. Not websites.

“…in the next five years every person on this planet is going to be using a mobile device. And these devices are going to be used far more than any traditional computer ever has been and ever will be.

Build the app for the person who has never used a desktop computer. Because they’re coming. Soon.”

So, friends, who wants to build some apps? I built one iOS app (the first one in the tutorial) and one HTML5 app. I’d like to build more, but need someone who knows Java and Objective C better than I.

(via. source.)



  1. You built an app… Wow! I’m proud of you and believe that you are right on about the mobile apps. Even seniors (like Grandma D) who don’t own a computer, often have mobile phones 🙂 You go, Mr. Huhn!

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