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Oliberté shoes

I love what TOMS does (buy a pair of shoes, we give a pair to someone who has no shoes), but I think what Oliberté does (give jobs to people with no shoes) is even better.

Plus, I love their shoes. (They are pricey. Shop the “Sale” section.)



How Music Works by David Byrne

This is going to be good.

Plus, he’s coming to Portland on the book tour.



Inexpensive, panning, time-lapse for iPhone or other small camera.

(via: TUAW)



You read that right. It’s a full-size model.

(It doesn’t actually drive. You’ll have to make engine noises while someone pushes you. Still totally worth it.)

(via: Uncrate)


 A custom-built guitar for $125?

Yes! If you assemble and finish it yourself.

There are different models to choose from. Plus, you could put in different pickups. Maybe put a EVH Frankenstein in the Strat?

Unfinished Electric Guitar Kits


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  1. What an amazing trip! Looked at each website and oohhhed and ahhhed over each one; have to admit that the car kit really appealed to me 🙂 Thank you for 10 minutes of pure joy!

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