Put Your Cel Phone Away

There’s an article at The Verge (one of my favorite tech sites) about a restaurant in West Hollywood that offers a discount if you leave your phone with them (so you don’t have it during your meal). The owners of the restaurant say,”we want people to connect again”.

As of today (Aug 19) there are 52 comments on the article. (You have to be registered at The Verge to comment.)

Of the comments, twelve say it is OK to use your cel phone when at dinner with other people. Nine say it is rude.

12 to 9.

More people think it is OK to be on your phone when with others; fewer people think you should put your phone away when with others.

“What have we become?” – vroomvroomimabroom (from the comments)



  1. Interesting indeed… I think it is lovely to turn the cell phone off and connect with the person/people one is with; especially at meals 🙂

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